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La Pelicula

You`ll Be In My Heart,

written and directed by Ivan Obando


Based on the true story between a Latin American entrepreneur and a young Polish countess Isolda Pruzinsky, The couple met in 1906 Rome and because of destinies twists they would be separated for 50 years.


Gonzalo Mejia; was a visionary obsessed with the idea of progress in Colombia he introduced commercial aviation to the region,  built roads, and founded businesses that succeed even to this day. Isolda Pruzinsky; passionate for equality, and freedom was a victim of the Russian revolution, and WWII because of her royal ascendance.


Shot on location in Colombia, Spain and Italy, the film captures the contrast between the refined European architecture and the exotic Latin American landscapes while portraying a romance novel that allows audiences to get to know a different side of Colombia.


A melancholic, but magical love story


Relives old and unequaled times


An enterprising man who brought advance to a country.


You can be part of magnificent and passionate scenarios.

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