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Iván Obando

Medellin, March 31, 1964

Autor Ivan Obando

He studied Television Production and Photography at the Center for Image Studies in Madrid, Spain.

As director and television presenter, he has directed two series: Hildebrando and Soeste, and has presented and directed the Slowly musical program for more than ten years.


As a singer-songwriter he has composed, recorded and performed more than 60 songs, within which the Letter of God stands out, I could tell you and win the desire.


He was the founder of the unforgettable El Callejón del Gato bar, of e-commerce companies such as Coordiutil, and communications such as Air TV Cosmovision and the Cosmovision channel, to which he has dedicated all his efforts.


He has published two literary works: in 1983, for whom I ask in the stars, and in November 2016, "you will be in my heart"

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